About iNCredible Potential Academy

311 #B McKoy St.
Clinton, NC 28328

Our History

iNCredible Potential Academy began as a vision by Juandalynn Freeman-Sankey who desired to help students beyond her classroom.  While working within the educational system, she witnessed the challenges faced by students who needed additional support for academic success.  At the same time, she recognized the opportunity to assist teachers in developing instructional strategies to individualize learning for a diverse group of students.  

Over the past 25 years she has provided tutorial services for all students in different content areas and directed two after school tutorial programs, Blazing Stars 21st Century Community Learning Center in Clinton, North Carolina and Horizon Extended Day in Madison, Alabama.  She has led numerous professional development sessions on the local, regional, state, and national levels. Her passion and abilities have been recognized by her peers and administrators who know the efforts and accomplishments in these areas.

This vision has materialized in 2020 as a community support system that will incorporate highly-qualified educators who share the vision and desire that all students and teachers reach their incredible potential.  

Juandalynn Freeman-Sankey

(Thank you mama & daddy- Linda & Livis Freeman)

“Juandalynn Freeman-Sankey’s attributes as a teacher-administrator are most needed to fuel the educational experience.  Her preparation programs, degrees, certification, course work, assessments, and experiences are key elements in professional development.” 

William J. Sankey Jr.

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311 McKoy St #B
Clinton, NC 28328
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