Teacher Professional Development

Striving for excellence, inspiring every teacher to grow and develop.

We will provide sustained training to increase the classroom teacher’s capacity to professionally grow and develop the quality of instruction which is central to the improvement of student achievement.

Teacher Professional Development Sessions

Education is ever changing.  Educators must learn new teaching information, techniques, and methods.  Effective professional development enables educators to develop the skills and knowledge to improve their classroom instruction.  Sessions will model best practices and topic samples will include promoting vocabulary instruction, differentiated instruction, assessment and evaluations, content strategies, and diversity.

Session 1

Have you discovered the benefits of foldable graphic organizers? Foldables are 3D, student-made or teacher-made, interactive graphic organizers that assist students in organizing and retaining information.  Join us in creating foldables that can be used for any content area, any grade level, and with many different uses.  Participant materials provided. Session is limited to 10 educators.  $40 per session.

Session 2

Fluency is important for readers to read text accurately, quickly, and with expression and bridge word recognition and comprehension.  By recognizing words automatically, students have time to focus on what the text is saying. Join us in focusing on two instructional methods that will increase fluency in the classroom in either a small group or whole group setting. Participant materials provided.  Session is limited to 10 educators.  $40 per session.

Session 3

Formative assessment refers to a variety of methods used by teachers to conduct in-process evaluations of student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress for learning.  Formative assessment provides immediate feedback during instruction to adjust teaching and learning. Join us in focusing on a variety of formative assessment strategies that are effective for checking understanding, assisting with differentiation and improving student achievement.  Participant materials provided.  Session is limited to 10 educators.  $40 per session.

Session 4

Vocabulary instruction provides students with opportunities for word learning to access their background knowledge, express their ideas and communicate effectively, and learn about new concepts.  Join us in learning how to select appropriate vocabulary terms, organize a progressive, tiered approach that engages all students especially ELLs, those with special needs, and those who are gifted and talented. Participant materials provided.  Session is limited to 10 educators.  $40 per session.

It is important for teachers to attend professional development to not only improve current skills but also learn new skills. Professional development offers educators opportunities for collaboration, learning new techniques, and to stay up to date with continuously changing technology resources. Effective teachers should consider themselves lifelong learners and continue to search for educational opportunities through professional development.

Alena Carroll

“As a beginning teacher, I was overwhelmed and lost at the daunting journey ahead of me. When I accepted the position with Clinton City Schools, I was not anticipating to gain a mentor that would help me grow professionally and personally. Juandalynn Sankey has shown me that I was meant to be more than I could ever imagine. She has guided me to find my calling and I will forever be grateful.”

Jennifer Burnside

Working together to reach a teacher’s full potential.

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