What To Expect

General Guidelines for Tutors

1. Getting Started

Your role as tutor is to help students learn the process for problem solving and build their confidence and content knowledge. You may feel pressure because you have the ability to influence a group of students, and you want to do well. Take it easy! If you are doing your best to tutor students, they will see that and respect you for your effort. Know that you have a support system with the staff at iNcredible Potential

Here are some basic principles for working with students:

  • Communicate 
  • Be sincere 
  • Share your experience 
  • Make the process transparent
  • Talk to your fellow tutors

2. Tutor-Student Relationship

  • Make students do the work. Never give them the answer. 
  • Have students prioritize their work.  
  • Ask questions! 
  • Do the hard homework first.
  • Acknowledge students who are waiting for help. 
  • Try to get the students to do the work on their own. 
  • Acknowledge your student’s hard work and accomplishments. 

3. Structure & Routines

  • Set goals and establish specific, measurable objectives.
  • State objectives before you start the one-on-one or group activity. 
  • Have a time-based outline of a plan for each session.
  • Be consistent. Make it a point to be patient, encouraging, and flexible each session.

4. Process

  • Never be afraid to ask for help or direction. 
  • Implement “logs” for both tutor and student. 

5. Working Towards Independence

  • Reinforce progress and aim for student independence. 
  • I do, we do, you do. 
  • Adjust the plan if the student is frustrated. 

6. Behavior Management and Bullying

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