Student Services

Striving for excellence, inspiring every child to grow and develop.

We will empower students with customized academic support needed to build self-esteem and cultivate the skills, strategies, and behaviors of confident, independent, lifelong learners in a positive environment. 

One-on-One & Small Group Tutorial

One-to-One tutorial provides extra support for your child and helps build their confidence. Learning is personalized and incorporates the student’s interest.

Small group sessions (2-5 students) provide opportunities to increase student interests, retention of knowledge, teamwork ability, communication skills, and increased peer-peer interaction.

The highly-qualified staff works with elementary, middle, and high school students to provide academic support in a range of subject and content areas. They assess, assist, and encourage students in the learning process. The staff uses strategies to scaffold learning, enhance critical thinking skills, and understand new concepts and ideas.

Tutorial sessions are $25.

After-School Enrichment Services

After-School Enrichment services are provided Monday-Thursday from 3:30pm – 5:30pm.

Enrichment services consist of personalized education that focuses on grade-level standards, study and organizational skills, critical thinking and problem-solving, goal setting, homework assistance, tutorial, character and leadership development, and mentoring.

Students will work in small groups and in one-on-one settings. High-qualified staff and exceptional high school and college students will provide academic support in a range of subject and content areas.

Parents will receive updates on academic goals, character goals, and school communication.

Enrichment services are $25 per day.

Specialized Student Services

Our specialized student services include PSAT, SAT, and ACT tutorials. We also work with students in writing essays for college and scholarship applications.  Other topics will be added throughout the year.

Summer Camp Enrichment Programs

Our summer camp programs are intended to provide students with intervention, enrichment, and acceleration, build motivation, and prepare them to thrive and progress after Remote Learning.

“I tutor because I believe students should be provided every opportunity to be the best version of themselves. It gives me a chance to give students what they need…some need a confidence boost, some need help with foundational skills, some need enrichment.”

Velicia Everett

Working together to reach a child’s full potential.

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