iNCredible Potential Academy

Your Journey Begins

iNCredible Potential Academy’s mission is to contribute to the education profession by motivating, inspiring, encouraging, and investing in two important stakeholders, our students and teachers.

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Every Age Matters

We offer the best, highly-qualified teachers to tutor your student’s needs, from Pre-Kindergarten to college.

Your Career Matters

Collaborate with other educators while learning new effective strategies to improve classroom instruction and student outcomes. Our continuous education effort allows you to work on skills in a safe learning environment.

Effective Digital Tools and Resources

We utilize top-quality digital learning tools for innovative teachers and students.  These educational resources encourage collaboration, facilitate communication, and improve the administration of academic processes.

What People Say

“Juandalynn Freeman-Sankey’s love for the profession shines through in everything she does. Whenever I am in her presence, she makes me want to be a better teacher. “

Lisa Godwin- 2017 North Carolina Teacher of the Year


Contact us to book sessions for student tutorials, after-school enrichment services, specialized student services, and teacher professional development.

One-on-One and Small Group Tutorial Services

Improve academic achievements.

After-School Enrichment Services

Promote social, emotional, and academic development.

Specialized Student Services

Check out our specialized student services.

Professional Development

Improve classroom management and instruction.